Investment Objective

We deliver superior, long-term performance by investing in long-dated ground rents, which have historically had little correlation to traditional property asset classes and have seen their value remain consistent regardless of the underlying state of the economy.

We have assembled a portfolio of residential and commercial freeholds and head leases, offering the potential for income generation from ground rents, that is both secure and hedged against inflation and has the potential for capital growth from active asset management.

GRIF’s income is from ground rents and associated income. GRIF seeks to generate consistent income returns for shareholders by investing in a diversified portfolio of ground rents including freeholds and head leases of residential, retail and commercial properties located in the UK.

The company joined the REIT regime in August 2012.

GRIF will distribute at least 90% of its income profits by way of quarterly dividends.

Ground Rents Income Fund plc Incorporated in England and Wales Company No.8041022. Registered Office: 72 Welbeck Street, London W1G 0AY                                                                  Email: